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Sawing machine industry good momentum of development

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China saw machine after 50 years of efforts, the overall sawing machine tool industry has made great development, for the foundation of the national economy and national defense construction provides a number of technology and equipment, make a significant contribution to the country's modernization. Sawing machine industry has not been through its transition at present, the domestic sawing machine industry and the economic operation quality of synchronous growth.

  Products according to the different characteristics of each little industry production is divided into several types and many varieties, specifications, has formed relatively complete kinds of varieties, the host and accessories have certain basic manufacturing system, and has substantial technical force of scientific research institutes and a number of key backbone enterprises. As is known to all, sawing machine tool industry is the gold cutting saw machine, forging machinery, casting machinery, woodworking sawing machine, cutting tool, abrasives, sawing machine accessories including rolling features, sawing machine electrical numerical control system composed of eight small industry.

  With the deepening of the reform, many economic sectors coexist pattern has been formed, sawing machine tool industry presented the good situation of rapid development, has begun to enter the development speed and quality of economic operation of synchronous growth of the new stage, and to our country by sawing machine manufacturer to sawing machine manufacturing power to create a good foundation.

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