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Chinese military nc machine tool technology to make learning?

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  In the backdrop of the debt crisis, European countries economic gloom, only a German scenery alone good, become a "anchored" the euro zone's standing. Why "German model" can win? Investigate its fundamental, in addition to the German social market economy system and strict financial supervision, perkier manufacturing industry is the iron wall against Europe's debt crisis.

  The following three small story may help us understand what is "made in Germany" :
A, tent story: in 2008 China wenchuan after the earthquake, the disaster area have received the various countries' aid tents and other relief supplies. A reporter in the interview, understand that its victims to each other about which country live in tents, and the victims of the German tents are often attracted around envy, because Germany tent is one of the best quality.

  Two, the story of the clock: German colonial jiangsu road building of clocks and watches of the Christian church in Qingdao so far working properly. In 2010, investment in China in the production of large gear a German businessman accompanied his father to visit in Qingdao saw the clock, when the old man immediately recognized the clock used in gear is supplied by his family business. In an interview with reporters, the German businessman says: "according to the current usage, these gears without any problems, also can use again in 300, to repair, I'm afraid to my grandson generation."

  Three, bridge of the story: in 1906, Germany's foreign firm mountain bridge in lanzhou, gansu province, the construction of 1909. The contract, the bridge from the date of completion to ensure strong in 80. Battle of liberation of lanzhou in 1949, the deck board was burned, longitudinal beam with bullet wounds, but the bridge is safe as usual. In 1989, is apart from the bridge was built in 80, the German experts made a special trip to this bridge examined, and put forwards the suggestion of strengthening, at the same time that the contract expires. Today, in the mountain bridge still in use, and are classified as municipal cultural relics protection units.

  Both tents, clocks and watches, Bridges, and cars, trains, ships, "made in Germany" roughly with the five basic characteristics: durable, practical, reliable, safe and precise. But "made in Germany" halo is not a birthright, historically, "made in Germany" has experienced from weak to strong, from insult to the honor of "Cinderella" type transformation process.

  Germany is the trend of the capitalist countries, before the industrial revolution in the 1830 s, the neighbouring France late 30 years, the British industrial revolution is coming to an end. With the world market is nearly finished to dismember, the pursuit of power dream of germans under powers extrusion, designed with plagiarism, copy products, counterfeit trademarks, such as "despicable" gimmick, constantly imitation countries such as Britain, France, the United States products, cheap sales hit the market, which was the industrial powers. 1876 world expo in Philadelphia, "made in Germany" was rated as the representative of "low price low quality". In 1887, the British parliament passed the new trademark law terms, by requiring all imported goods must indicate the country of origin, which will be inferior to distinguish goods with high quality of the goods in Germany.

  From that moment on, the germans began to wake up: not by products occupy the global market of cheap, but the quality of the products. And seize the strategic opportunity of national unity and the second industrial revolution, reform and innovation, forge ahead, to reform the traditional industry technology and strictly control of product quality, to develop the iron and steel, chemical, mechanical, electrical and other manufacturing industry and the real economy, has given rise to Siemens, krupp, a batch of well-known enterprises in the world, such as public and promote before the first world war, Germany as the world's industrial powers.

  "Made in Germany to complete metamorphosis, is closely related with the cultural heritage of the nation." Asian champions league, says luo hundred hui, head of manufacturing national character of the precise reason formed the core of the "made in Germany" culture: standard, perfectionism, precision, lawful, focus, pragmatism and credit. These cultural characteristics deeply rooted in, like the German national language, complicated and precise, grammar and vocabulary cannot appear a bit fuzzy, distinct, thereby achievements "made in Germany" legend. "Made in Germany" can survives, and in the era of globalization always maintain leading position, thanks to the German "trinity" of system security.

  One is the science and technology innovation system. The strong vitality of the "made in Germany" to a large extent depend on the leading product technology content. DE successive governments attach great importance to scientific research innovation and achievements transformation of manufacturing, strive to establish a collection scientific research development, the achievements, knowledge dissemination and manpower training for the integration of scientific research innovation system. Its biggest characteristic is the unity of the people, businesses and government: researchers achievement, the enterprise capital, national policy and is responsible for enterprise and technology in communication and coordination. Enterprises undertake two-thirds of scientific research funds, the remaining one-third by the federal government and local government. In order to make the "manufacturing technology" to sustainable development in the new economic environment, the German government established three development goal: "green manufacturing", "information technology" and "high-end manufacturing. German people always believe a word: true will decide the fate of the future of enterprise is a research and development, rather than the other can't grasp the objective factors. Therefore, German companies to none miserly to r&d, research and development spending accounts for about 3% gross national product (GNP), is now among the world's highest. According to statistics, the European Union enterprise r&d investment rankings, the top 25 has 11 German company, ranking the first research and development of the Volkswagen's annual fee is as high as 5.8 billion euros. Even during the crisis, although orders have been falling, but the r&d investment in the German companies not only have no corresponding decline, but gradually to increase, made with advanced manufacturing as the strong support of the German economy is affected by the crisis, but due to the constant innovation of science and technology more vitality and vigor.

  One is the standardization and quality certification system. Germany has long been a rigorous industrial standards and quality certification system, for the manufacturing of Germany's leading position in the world made an important contribution. One is to establish a perfect, unified industry standards, the main set of institutions for the German standard (DIN), the standards set by the involved in construction, mining, metallurgical, chemical, electrical, security technology, environmental protection, health, fire control, transportation, and almost all fields such as housekeeping, published each year thousands of industry standards, of which about 90% adopted by Europe and around the world. The second is to build a fair and objective quality certification and supervision system, the main certification and supervision institutions to submit technical supervision company, the north German technical supervision company, the Rhine technical supervision company, independent of the government and industry outside of autonomous management, in accordance with ISO and DIN standards to test the product and manufacturing process, and for eligible certification certificate. Already so effectively coordinate the competition between the domestic enterprises, and ensure the quality of "made in Germany", also enhanced the competitiveness of "made in Germany" as a whole. According to statistics, "the German standard" create value for German manufacturing up to 18 billion euros a year. Third, the double-track system of vocational education. The success of the "made in Germany" is dependent on the dynamic and high level of technical workers. In the process of training of skilled workers, pay attention to promote vocational education are applicable, Germany is jointly expand vocational education by schools and enterprises. School is responsible for imparting theoretical knowledge, the enterprise to arrange for students to practice and training. Government of hundreds of professional making graduation examination standard, to ensure the quality of teaching and talent assessment level.

  Germany about 70% of the teens will accept double-track vocational education after graduating from high school, there are three to four days a week in the enterprise to accept education practice, a day or two in vocational school to carry on the specialized theory study, the training time is usually two to three and a half years. Vocational school education expenses shall be borne by the state, the enterprise practice training expenses shall be borne by the enterprises. This pattern prominent advantage is that trainees through theory and practice, combining the high skills required to effectively guarantee the manufacturing. At the same time, vocational training is also an important way to the career.

  Now in Germany with as many as 350 can attend the training of professional. In particular, the German technology workers the average wage is much higher than countries such as Britain, France, the United States and Japan, differ with white-collar class. It is these skilled workers developed the blueprint into exquisite products, the market, help the German companies remain strong competitiveness in the process of economic globalization.

  Made in Germany of longevity secret

  Today's China is like Germany in the late 19th century, and the rise of ZhuiGanXing countries, although has become a "world factory" and manufacturing power, but is far from the manufacturing powerhouse. ROM hundred hui believes that the current China's manufacturing sector rely on low cost and high consumption, high emission growth pattern has basically come to an end, rising labor costs, excess production capacity, technical problems such as lack of competitiveness, lack of brand influence has become a serious problem hindering the development of the Chinese manufacturing. Facing many challenges, absorb the successful experience of German manufacturing, manufacturing industry of our country out of the woods, and create brilliant has very important significance:

  One is to stick to manufacturing as the founding of the Chinese economy. Before the financial crisis, as the global industrial transfer of the continuous and rapid development of real estate industry, the European and American developed country widespread industrial hollowing out of trend, main show is: industrial GDP decline year by year, closely related to real estate finance, leasing and other services as a share of GDP increased year by year. While Germany has always been focused on the development of industrial manufacturing, at the same time the German industry share of GDP rose by 1%, GDP finance, real estate and leasing services remain the same.

  Dedication and focus on manufacturing, is what makes Germany from pain after the bursting of the bubble economy. Therefore, Chinese governments at all levels should adhere to the manufacturing industry in the core and foundation position in the state of the real economy, firmly rejected of norm, in turn, the process of restructuring, to guide the balanced development of all kinds of industry, efforts to create a social environment conducive to the development of manufacturing industry.

  2 it is to adhere to the "trinity" throughout the whole process of "made in China". To strengthen scientific and technological innovation, standardization, and quality certification and training "trinity" of system construction, changing the situation of "made in China" long-term quantity, truly achieve quality win. In terms of scientific and technological innovation, increase investment in research and development, accelerate the transformation of scientific and technological achievements to productivity and encourage the development of independent brands. In terms of standardization and quality certification, in order to strengthen the standard chemical industry as a breakthrough point, competitive standard support for industrial products in China, stimulating domestic demand, stable export; Quality certification, making great efforts to promote the formation and economic superpower status commensurate quality responsibility consciousness, improve the quality of "made in China" the international image. In terms of personnel training, enhance the vocational skills training of professional talents, through policy guidance ascension "production" three links together, establish a market-oriented, enterprise and the production system of vocational education.

  Three is to insist on deepening china-germany comprehensive manufacturing cooperation create a manufacturing powerhouse. Manufacturing is the bilateral economic and trade cooperation in key areas. Manufacturing in different stages of development, the two countries are highly complementary to each other. Germany's advanced science and technology, exquisite manufacturing technology, scientific management, excellent product quality, good professional ethics, and a more open and technical cooperation, china-germany manufacturing conducting mutually beneficial and win-win cooperation between the two countries provides favorable conditions. In the first two rounds of sino-german negotiations, both sides have the advanced manufacturing industry, vocational education, standardization, and other fields to carry out pragmatic cooperation reached important consensus. The next step, we should actively promote the German side well implement government consultation results, establish a dialogue between China and Germany advanced manufacturing at an early date, and lead to comprehensively deepen bilateral manufacturing cooperation, promote the upgrading of the "made in China".

  Online saw Toshiba in exports during the cold war, the two sets of precision machine tools to the former Soviet union and sanctions by the United States, from now on also can be seen in the former Soviet union of the technology is not very mature, I guess the former Soviet union was even this technology behind Japan what is driven by the rapid development of the technology in Japan, how to develop?

  Which based on the decision whether to now the carrier of large aircraft some high precision products according to became a big restriction, such as the carrier of steam catapult made not to come out is a large reason why precision machine tool technology is too poor. Steam ejector principle is very simple, but the requirements of industrial technology is high, so the steam catapult delays in making.

  Said, once the domestic military delegation members come in contact with the German machine tool, and the Japanese machine tool and the machine tool state-owned enterprises staff. Attitude is everything. See Germany numerical control technology for the first time, it cannot but admire, heart was always have to repeat a word: wonderful artical excelling nature.

  And then to Germany meticulous spirit admired, refuses to accept no. Germany leading technology problem is not big, Japan, Germany, power, somewhat with the other. Germany of mixed together to help, so let the Japanese study technology should also said in the past. , after all, if Japan fell down, the same cell as a cellmate there might be a little less lonely.

  Later and the inside of the many forces logistics personnel exchanges, everyone felt adopted the German part of weapons and equipment, significantly than in other countries to accurate, thick, this is not.

  In fact the two countries are very 2, 1234567. One thing the seven steps, never step less. If there must be less step, it is need a large amount of data and theory support, form report out to slack off. Domestic industry: probably, almost, maybe, probably, should have, or the words with a bit more.

  Some friends will ask, "in China is so poor, so, our defense industry certainly not good." This only on the part of our national defense department is awake, every year a large number of imported high-precision CNC machine tools, some of them are limited to the socialist countries export of machine tools, it is said that what is the "non-proliferation agreement", to the agreement, Japan, the United States to perform better, but European countries basically does not perform, as long as you have money to sell you. Is the United States, Japan advanced machine tools, we also get a lot lately, ha ha, capitalism is by nature to pursue profits.

  So rich in recent years in China, this also got great supplement, the j20 fighter, a lot of space products, including taihang engine breakthrough in recent years, it illustrates this point. But in the end, the military industry of nc machine tool and technology of China have to study German.

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