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Analyses the machine tool industry in China is facing a major problem

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  Metal processing machine tool production in China in 2009 to $2009, as the world's machine tool production country, annual output value has risen to $2010 and $20.91 billion, to the world in the first place. But over the years, the host overall level compared with foreign advanced level, there are large gaps. To provide users with complete service into lines, very few companies, offer a complete range of solutions or lack of ability to more complex engineering general contracting projects, mainly rely on import market in urgent need of high-grade CNC machine tools. Metalworking machine tools in 2008 countries import amount is $7.59 billion, including 5.68 billion us dollars for metal cutting machine tool. Metal forming machine tool at $1.91 billion. Although affected by the crisis of gold in 2009, the import amount decreased, but still reached $5.9 billion, including 4.56 billion us dollars for metal cutting machine tool. Metal forming machine tool at $1.34 billion. Mouth amount record again, 2010 to $9.42 billion, with the highest level compared to the same period in 2008, an increase of 24.4%. Imports of larger host products are: engineering center, CNC lathes, precision grinding machine and special machine tools, etc.

  Numerical control system and the lag of feature development

  Numerical control system and the lag of feature development has become the bottleneck which restrict the development of the industry. Domestic mid-range CNC system in the domestic market share of only 35%, and high-end imports more than 95% of the number system. Features overall domestic market share of about 30%, including high-end features a lower market share. Taiwan brand function accounted for about 50% of the domestic market, the remaining 20% for the eu, Japan and other brand products. According to the national customs statistics, in 2010 China's import CNC system $18. $, machine tool accessories (including features and fixture) products of $1.62 billion.

  There is still a large gap between high-end CNC machine key technology

  At high speed, high precision and complex, for characteristics of high-grade CNC machine key technology such as smart although have made obvious progress, a batch of commonness, basic technology and new production research and development have made new progress, but compared with international advanced level, there is large gap. Some key technologies, such as: high speed and high precision motion control technology, comprehensive dynamic compensation technology and multi-axis linkage and compound machining technology and intelligent technology, high precision direct-drive technology, reliability, etc. It remains to be further breakthrough, some important technical is still some distance away from the industry. With enterprises as the mainstay, market-oriented, the combination of production, with research and development system has not really established, lack of the high and new technique industry independent innovation development support.

  Still need to further improve the product quality stability

  China's machine tool industry overall level has greatly improved product quality, to enhance the overall quality and the core competitiveness of the industry played an important role, has also been recognized by the majority of users. But in terms of product quality stability and reliability, for example: early failure rate is higher, machine tool precision stability cycle short, engineering capacity coefficient (CPK), average trouble-free working hours (MTBF), and other indicators with the international advanced level is still a certain gap. Strengthening product quality work, and solve the quality problem of the deep is still nots allow to ignore.

  Manufacturing services has not yet formed

  The development level of service industry is a measure of modern social economy developed degree of important symbol. Users of machine tool industry service demand is higher and higher, this is the social economic development and national economy in various fields of industrial upgrading objective requirements. Industry enterprise is more attention to provide a general single product, ignore the user characteristics and personalized needs to understand and study the production process. Manufacturing service industry with high technical content, high added value of the output characteristics of the machine tool industry urgently needed by production manufacture to a service-oriented transformation, realize the transformation and upgrade of traditional service.

  Industry as a whole economic efficiency is low

  Machine tool industry belongs to the technology intensive, capital intensive and talent intensive industry, has many categories, many varieties, small batch, high social benefits and other industries disposition. The matching of high-grade CNC system and the key industry features mainly rely on import, most of the low added value products, industry as a whole is still in the mid-range of international industry chain, industry as a whole economic efficiency is low, profitability is poorer, there still exists certain gaps compared with the developed countries.

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