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The international machine tool market more than doubled the size of the 20 years

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In today's world the rapid development of science and technology, the processing technology has entered the era of sub-micron and nanometer level superfinishing, in networked manufacturing technology, attaches great importance to green manufacturing, thought that the digital manufacture of technology platform to a new stage of intelligent manufacturing, technology integration and technology compound has become the most active one of the trend of development. Despite China's machine tool industry for many years, strong momentum of development, but has been on the technical and strategic walked along the path, and does not change fundamentally seek development.

  With the national medium and long-term program for scientific and technological development will, on the basis of complexing gradually transition to a processing unit and advanced flexible manufacturing system. While China's machine tool industry in the development process of learning, imitation and innovation, is currently in precision, efficiency, automation, intelligent, environmental protection, etc with foreign advanced level there is quite a big gap between.

  The world machine tool industry has a high degree of internationalization features, performance in the international market, the internationalization of technology, the internationalization of investment, etc. Based on this, choose suitable mode and route of the development trend of modern machine tool industry is the future must be committed to the machine tool industry and stronger at home, and this choice should not only stay in form. At the same time, cross-border m&a is the implementation of industry industrial structure adjustment is an important way. In short, in a more open international vision, flexible operation form, using all available industrial resources at home and abroad, achieve the win-win situation, in order to realize the machine tool industry innovation upgrade target should actively promote and implement at all.

  At present, the state attaches great importance to the development of machine tool industry. "Premium and basic manufacturing equipment" national science and technology major projects have been put into implementation in 2009. This to promote technology innovation of enterprises in the industry will undoubtedly play a very active role. But in the concrete implementation process, also has the necessity of further perfect, so that the relatively limited resources can play a bigger role. One is in the process of selecting the project to participate in the object, is not only the attention to the enterprise output, production capacity, volume, not for enterprise of the nature of the trade-off basis, but should be comprehensive consideration of the enterprise product market position, influence and sophistication, uniqueness and creativity of technology, the future market development space, and other factors, in order to realize the resources to maximize the role play. Big is not necessarily is strong, and even vice. To this point in the current domestic machine tool industry is very obvious. Secondly, because of the complexity of the machine tool product, the desire of the "time" is not realistic. So, pooling resources selective within the industry on some key technical problems to give effective breakthrough, perhaps can have the effect of "get twice the result with half the effort", and other technical problems. A third is formed and the establishment of a long-term mechanism, the dynamic management, the inspection effect, with a special fund to activate enterprise's passion for technology research and development, with limited funds move more industrial resources into technical innovation activities, rather than as a "tang's monk meat". Fourth is to establish a safeguard mechanism. The technological achievements obtained in public resources, should share selling industry, rather than a monopoly exclusive because of special status.

  We believe that China's machine tool industry by further deepening the reform, actively adjust the industrial and product structure, the transformation of the mode of economic growth and enhance the capacity of independent innovation, accelerate medium and the feature of research and development and market development, further improve product quality and strengthen the service consciousness, improve the comprehensive competitiveness of the whole industry, the industry will be able to realize good and fast sustainable development, completed by the big teams.

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